Chemical elements
    Physical Properties
    Chemical Properties
      Indium Trifluoride
      Indium monochloride
      Indium dichloride
      Indium trichloride
      Indium oxychloride
      Indium monobromide
      Indium tribromide
      Indium oxybromide
      Indium mono-iodide
      Indium di-iodide
      Indium tri-iodide
      Indium perchlorate
      Indium iodate
      Indium sesqui-oxide
      Indium hydroxide
      Indium monosulphide
      Indium disulphide
      Indium sesquisulphide
      Indium trisulphide
      Basic indium sulphite
      Indium sulphate
      Indium sesquiselenide
      Indium selenite
      Indium selenate
      Indium telluride
      Indium silicotungstates
      Indium nitrate
      Indium phosphide
      Indium platinocyanide
      Indium oxalate
      Indium acetylacetonate
    PDB 1ind-1ind

Indium selenate, In2(SeO4)3

Indium selenate, In2(SeO4)3.10H2O, is prepared by dissolving indium hydroxide in aqueous selenic acid and crystallising the solution. The crystals are hygroscopic and easily soluble in water. When mixed with the requisite amount of aqueous caesium selenate, caesium indium selenate, In2(SO4)3.Cs2SO4.24H2O, crystallises out in efflorescent crystals, which are described as tetragonal bipyramids and not regular octahedra as would be anticipated.

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