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In microelectronics as germanium's and silicon's acceptor dopant, in liquid crystal displays glass, as low-melting solder; can also be plated onto metals and evaporated onto glass which forms a mirror which is as good as those made with silver but has higher corrosion resistance; in photocells; as luminescent material.

Indium arsenide doped with 10% indium phosphide for higher efficiency: high-durability heavy-duty thermoelectric material.

Indium consumption grows continuously. Electrochemical system of indium-mercury oxide is a material for producing power sources of high stability with high specific capacity for special purposes; as a sealer in high-vacuum technique, esp. in particles accelerators and in space equipment. Some indium-gallium, indium-tin and indium-zinc alloys are liquids at room temperature and may serve as superb liquid-metal coolants. Pure indium is used as a material for nuclear reactors due to it neutron-capture capacity - as well as indium oxide as a glass material for nuclear technique: -(33% of boron oxide, 55% cadmium oxide and 12% indium oxide).

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